Bachelor and master studies

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Bachelor and master studies

Bachelor's Studies

The Faculty of Law at ZČU has an accredited bachelor's study program "Legal Specialization."

The bachelor's study program in Legal Specialization is a three-year interdisciplinary course, based on a broader humanities foundation aimed at the widest possible practical application for graduates. During their studies, graduates will acquire general and specialized administrative legal knowledge as well as insights into legal disciplines related to public administration. The graduate is a university-trained professional not only skilled in the exact methods of acquiring information in public administration but also prepared to process analyses and implement their results in both conceptual and routine decision-making practices. Employment opportunities are broad, particularly in administrative roles within public or state administration, as well as in social, health, educational, and other institutions, including the non-profit sector and other civil society structures. Graduates also find opportunities in public services within the Czech Republic.

  • Study program number: B0421A220009
  • Mode of study: Full-time
  • Standard duration of study: 3 years
  • Accreditation valid until: June 10, 2030
  • Accreditation decision number: NAU - 483/2019-15

Master's Studies

The Faculty of Law at ZČU has an accredited master's study program "Law and Legal Science."

The master's study program in Law and Legal Science, with a specialization in Law, represents a classic non-consecutive five-year course providing comprehensive university education in law based on a broader humanities foundation. It enables students to acquire a standard volume of theoretical legal knowledge and related skills, including mandatory foreign language study. The program is based on comprehensive legal studies, including its theoretical foundations and all national legal sectoral disciplines, interdisciplinary connections, European law, and international law, combined with a broader social science, historical, and economic foundation. The core structure of the study program includes the teaching of general theoretical legal disciplines and significant branches of positive law as compulsory subjects, while also offering ample opportunity for deeper specialization and the acquisition of additional knowledge through elective subjects, especially in the final years of study. The graduate is a university-trained expert for legal, legislative-technical, administrative, analytical, and consulting work in classical legal professions, as well as related professions. They are capable of performing legal roles in state administration and self-government, as well as in the business sector and non-profit organizations on a European scale. The broad scope of the study allows graduates to find very good employment opportunities in many other areas not directly related to law.

  • Study program number: M0421A220004S00
  • Mode of study: Full-time
  • Standard duration of study: 5 years
  • Accreditation valid until: 2028
  • Accreditation decision number: NAU - 197/2018 - 8 and NAU-197/2018 - 9