Get a Doctor of Laws degree

State rigorous exam

The rigorous state examination, which includes the defense of a rigorous thesis, verifies that a graduate of the Master's study program in the field of "Law" who has obtained the academic title "Master" has deepened the theoretical knowledge acquired during university studies and acquired the ability to independently work scientifically (including work with foreign literature) and use the acquired knowledge in practice. At the same time, he must demonstrate that he has mastered the basics of the methodology of scientific work.

The Faculty of Law conducts rigorous proceedings in the following fields:

  • Theory of law and legal philosophy
  • Legal history
  • Roman law
  • Civil law and civil process
  • Business Law
  • Labor law and social security law
  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative law
  • Financial law
  • Public and private international law
  • Constitutional law
  • European Union law

After successful completion of the rigorous state examination, the dean submits to the rector a proposal for the award of the academic title "Doctor of Law" (abbreviated as "JUDr." appearing before the name) and for the issuance of a diploma. The diploma is usually presented to successful graduates at the graduation ceremony.