Lifelong Learning


One-year, two-semester educational program

As part of its activities, the Faculty of Law of ZČU implements the long-term program "Preparatory Course for Rigorous Work" as a CŽV course, which is accredited by the Lifelong Education Council of ZČU. It is a one-year (two-semester) program in which the students of the course will acquire the basics of scientific work, especially in the field of methodology and argumentation, which will help them in the preparation of rigorous work.

The target group is candidates for rigorous management and passing the state rigorous exam, the course is intended for graduates of the master's study field of Law.

Successful graduates will receive a certificate.

Course subjects

The taught subjects are registered in the STAG information system. The syllabi of individual subjects can be found in the ZČU Portal by searching for the relevant field for the given ac. year (see: